BG3; modding the game.

Dave Levy
4 min readMar 11, 2024

In the tradition of these games, Larian have published sufficient to allow mods to be written. Here are my notes and links, with my view of “how to” and some links to several “how to” videos.

See below

The top community modding site is, I am using Firefox and Ghostry, I had to mark the site as trusted as the downloads do not work unless this is done.

The BG3 wiki has an article on the subject, Installing Mods. They recommend the installation of the Mod Manager, which is at GitHub. It mandates some .NET programs, I already had the framework, but I installed the recommended .NET desktop app. I used this video as my guide, but later found this video. The latter is very quick but probably deals with the games file folder locations and other things in a better way; it also points you at the BG3 Mod Manager settings menu.

This is what I have done, I hope that having it in text format helps.

  1. I have a windows machine and I made system checkpoint.
  2. I then installed the bg mod manager from github, read the comments on the mod manager’s page. It requires two .NET packages which are documented on it. This is also advised to be installed outside the program files folders. NB Larian use the Program Files 86 folder.
  3. then the bg mod fixer. which I downloaded from Nexus, NB Nexus keeps track of your downloads.
  4. I then tested an installation using “Tav’s Hair Salon”. I downloaded the package to ~/Downloads, copied the .pak file to “C:\Users\${ME}\AppData\Local\Larian Studios\Baldur’s Gate 3\Mods”. This is where all .pak file based mods need to be stored.
  • This is better done by “drag and drop”, from the download location to the bg3 mod manager to the available/not installed pane; if you do this it will determine if the mod is an override or not and if so locate the .dll in the game’s .\bin directory. It can then be copied to the installed pane using drag and drop
  • One needs to “[File] -> Export Order to Game” from the mod manager, and to text file as a backup and version control tool. The mod manager has icons for this.
  1. I marked the Nexus site as trusted by my ad-blocker then downloaded, but not installed, Glasses by Ren to test that Firefox could download files.
  2. I then downloaded Norbytes script extender, which requires the copying of the .dll to Steam\steamapps\common\Baldurs Gate 3\bin, which is in Program Files (86) folder. The script extender is also available via the mod manager File -> Tools menu selection. NB I did this second which may have caused an overwrite, so we’ll see about order.
  3. I then installed, the all 5e spells mod, and a mod called “trickery domain overhaul”; these are for Shadowheart on my first run through.

Nexus keeps track of your downloads from their site.

What might I want?

Shadowheart or Jester

Is it possible to play Shadowheart as a trickery domain cleric? I have written what turned into an essay on the best Shadowheart build. (I think too hard about some of this stuff.) I came to the conclusion that I wanted her to remain a trickery domain cleric. I first considered the big nerf in the game to be invoke duplicity and this can be fixed using a mod, called UA6 invoke duplicity. While looking for it, I came across a mod called “trickery domain overhaul”. This claims to correct some of the other nerfs and may in fact buff the class when compared with the DnD rulebook version, but also requires the all 5e spells mod. for Toll the Dead. TtD is a cantrip and is an important augmentation to the published build. I have installed these; we’ll see.

Other people’s recommendations

The featured image is the screenshot from a youtube video, called “These mods make BG3 even better”.

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