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Dave Levy
2 min readApr 17, 2022

Those of you following me, know that I have been following the EU’s Conference on the Future of Europe. I have been mainly tracking Citizen’s Panel 2 on democracy and values, but also reviewed ECP 4 and their recommendations on Migration. I have also had a brief look at ECP3’s Climate Change and Environment proposals; I looked at these in January and the proposals that made the final plenary will differ.

I made a word cloud of the proposals, see below. Carbon should read carbon reduction, but the generator wouldn’t work with such a long phrase. I have created summary keywords for each proposal, this would be better if I had crowd sourced this allocation stage, but I didn’t.

The Citizen’s panels full proposals are published by the Conference. The panels work in groups and so can produce multiple, very similar recommendations.

My highlights are that the panel recommends, the reinforcing of the health care system and the assumption by the EU of competency for health with equal access for all. It also takes a powerful stand for a sustainable energy economy, together with transport system reform: more public transport, particularly buses and trains. The panel was concerned that standards adopted in the EU were not undermined by imports.

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