On CoFoE, its denouement

Photo by Christian Lue on Unsplash

I had hoped to have my views on the progressive nature of the CoFoE’s final report published elsewhere, but I doubt it’ll happen and the article is now a bit dated. I have published it on this blog, as at the date I submitted it, 21 Sep 2022. It reflects the demand for better, more inclusive policies, on macro-economics, climate change, health, and education; it talks of CoFoE’s genesis and the likely next steps.

The demand for more citizen’s assemblies seems to have been adopted, but the need for treaty revision and its topics is more controversial.



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Dave Levy

Brit, Londoner, innovator, economist, Labour, privacy, cybersecurity, traveller, father, - mainly writing about UK politics, https://linktr.ee/davelevy