What did CoFoE say about digitisation?

Dave Levy
8 min readMar 30, 2023

When socialising the CoFoE final outcome last summer, I didn’t look at the Digitisation chapter. I have decided to plug that gap. This is a personal summary of the Digitisation chapter of the Proposals/Outcomes of the CoFoE. The CoFoE was organised into streams and within those streams there were usually four citizen’s panels. This led to on occasion multiple proposals on the same topic, which have been collected together. In some cases, a topic is dealt with in multiple proposals and even multiple chapters.

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There are four proposals in the Digitisation Chapter, they cover a right of access and use, the accrual of benefits to be shared by all, a safe, resilient, and trustworthy digital society covering cyber security, fake news, and data protection & privacy. The issues of investment and citizen rights are covered in all four proposals.

Objective: Equal access to the internet is a fundamental right of every European citizen. We propose that everyone in Europe should in practice have access to the internet and to digital services, and that the sovereignty of the EU’s digital infrastructure is enhanced through:

They propose to invest for innovation led growth, using examples of 5/6G and that any investments and investment targets should be geographically and socially comprehensive, including children, families, the elderly and the vulnerable. It is further proposed that public services are a priority for this investment programme. The proposal also makes a goal of geographical and social inclusion.

The proposal also addresses the regulation of the private sector internet service providers, to ensure there is fair and open competition and prevent monopolies, vendor lock-in, data concentration and dependence on third countries in relation to infrastructure and services, improving markets from the perspective of consumers

The also propose that the environmental impacts of digital infrastructure and digitalisation are considered in order to make digital transformation sustainable and strive for a green digital society.

It also proposes as a measure in investment, the harmonising of high quality digital standards and improving secure mobility of data to facilitate cross-border interoperability; to me this is mainly words unless this is a…



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