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Dave Levy
2 min readNov 24, 2022

Terry Reintke MEP, posted to twitter, asking what one change would her correspondents make to the EU. Terry is a co-president of the Green/EFA European Parliamentary group and a loud advocate for welcoming the UK back into the EU. She’s looking after our “Star”. She is also part of the Parliament’s delegation to the EU-UK Parliamentary Assembly, which provides parliamentary oversight over the implementation of the Trade and Co-operation agreement. I wonder if it’s met? She says,

If you could change one thing about the European Union (no unanimity or majorities needed, just magically), what would it be?

- Terry Reintke (@TerryReintke) November 23, 2022

I have replied, below is my draft; the tweet is different, as I sought to break what I wanted to say into 248 byte chunks, and frankly tried to improve its readability for this article.

There are many great proposals in the #CoFoE final report. If having to choose one, I’d choose 11.3, i.e. including the goals of greening the economy and social justice within the EU’s economic governance system; I’d make the Semester i.e. the economic governance rules. a Regulation, not have it embedded in treaty. Economic Policy goals must be accountable to democratic politics, and not become embedded in unchangeable treaties.

CoFoE 11.3 says,

Reviewing the EU’s economic governance and the European Semester in order to ensure that the green and digital transitions, social justice and social progress go hand-in-hand with economic competitiveness, without ignoring the economic and fiscal nature of the European Semester. In addition, there is a need to better involve social partners and the local and regional authorities in the implementation of the European Semester in order to improve its application and accountability;

COFOE Final Report

Having to select only one reform, is tricky, as I say, in there’s a lot of great proposals involving extending competency into Education, Health and Energy, as well as other great . Good luck in getting it right, meanwhile it seems we Brits are changing our minds, I know you i.e. she will welcome us back, but it would help if we sought to do so with some respect and humility.

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